Selection #2

Weekly Selection is a list of articles or interesting resources that from that are related to web/software development, design, user experience.


This app allows you to user test your InVision’s prototype by providing analytics to the prototype.

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Website Sameness™

Chris Coyier talks about website sameness, that people often talk about. Is it really that bad? Do you care?

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Digital Design is Never Done

An article from the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps design team, and how they updated the apps to Microsoft’s Fluent design language.

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The Increasing Size of Smartphones

Luke Wroblewski pulled together a look at the most common mobile device form factors.

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What Makes A Really Good Email?

A great article form the people at, discussing their criteria and giving examples.

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Passwordless Login

 I wrote my own blog article this past week on Passwordless Login, its an approach I’ve liked for a while – especially for business applications but also extremely useful for consumer products.

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