Selection #3 – Secure Progressive web apps and machine learning

Weekly Selection is a list of articles or interesting resources that from that are related to web/software development, design, user experience.

A secure web is here to stay

Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.

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Deep learning technology is now being used to put Nic Cage in every movie

Over the last few weeks been a lot of articles around the implications of “Deep-Fakes” – this is the more fun side of deep fakes – putting Nic Cage in more movies using machine learning

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Offer ‘Delayed Account Creation’ at the Confirmation Step (38% Don’t)

A usability study focusing on where to offer guest checkout in the flow and how to offer optional user account sign up.

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Welcoming Progressive Web Apps to Microsoft Edge and Windows 10

Microsoft are embracing the progressive web apps to Windows 10 by indexing them and allowing developers to add them to their app store.

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Native And PWA: Choices, Not Challengers!

A quick comparison between Native and progressive web apps, mostly focusing on the strengths of both

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A Comprehensive Guide To User Experience Design

A long series of articles by User Experience consultant Christopher Murphy, this article talks about the in-between phase of research and design.

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