Selection #6 -On-boarding, Information Architecture and change aversion

Selection is a list of articles or interesting resources that from that are related to web/software development, design, user experience.

How QuickBooks Onboards New Users

The always brilliant UserOnboard tear down of Quickbooks registration process.

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Navigating the complexity of change aversion

Change aversion is the negative reaction users have to changes to products

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The Nightmare Letter: A Subject Access Request under GDPR

PWC Canada’s, Constantine Karbaliotis has written an draft of a letter your company or organisation could receive May 2018 with GDPR.

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Creating user-friendly forms

Some practical tips for improving the usability of forms.

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“That’s probably a bad idea because…” co-founder Jason Gittings, compiles a list of resources, hints and tip about common UX questions and issues.

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A Guide to Information Architecture

This article investigate the important process of information architecture in design and product development

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