Selection #7 – Change, Errors and Conversions

Selection is a list of articles or interesting resources that from that are related to web/software development, design, user experience.

Users Don’t Hate Change. They Hate Our Design Choices.

An article talking about user change aversion from UX Expert Jared Spool

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The Best Place for Error Messages on Forms

UX Movement reports on a study of where best to place error messages on web forms

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Structuring Product Page Descriptions by ‘Highlights’ Increases User Engagement (Yet 22% of Sites Don’t)

Product descriptions generally get less attention, or resource, than product images, videos, “360-View” features, or user reviews but they are a critical component of the product page.

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What You Need To Know To Increase Mobile Checkout Conversions

WEb users are primarily smartphone users, but conversion rates still lag behind desktop conversion rates – this article explores the conversion rate and how it could be improved

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Cards and Composability in Design Systems

Breaking down how and why cards are used in design systems, with practical do’s and don’t when designing flexible, user-friendly cards in design.

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