Embassy Gallery

Embassy is a non-profit artist-led gallery. They commission artists to produce artworks, exhibitions, performances, screenings, and dialogical events.

I partnered up with freelance designer Jamie Bell. Jamie worked on wireframing and designing a completely new website for Embassy.

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Bespoke WordPress theme

We created a completely bespoke WordPress theme. That allowed for a flexible page builder for the Embassy team to add, edit and expand the website over time.



The core of the website revolves around events hosted by Embassy. It was essential to showcase both upcoming events and past events.

The event landing page is designed and built with flexibility in mind. Each event Embassy host is truly unique. The landing page had to be able to host various form of content, such as

  • Short & long-form text

  • Video

  • Photography

  • Audio

  • Tweets

  • Issuu PDFS embed

  • Slideshows (Via Slideshare)



Embassy is a non-profit & registered charity - they run on donations. Crucially the new website had to encourage and accept donations.

We set-up PayPal integration to allow visitors to donate directly to Embassy.

Data Migration

Embassy had an extensive archive of events going back years - We had to migrate this data from the old website. Migration caused challenges around how "old data" would appear on the new website - we built a fluid system to allow the new design to progressively enhance the old content.

Newsletter Integration

Embassy runs a newsletter we had to integrate with their CRM & email marketing software Mailchimp. We integrated Mailchimp into the website using Mailchimp's API.