Scarlett Land & Development

Edinburgh based, Scarlett Land & Development is a property consultancy company which offers advice regarding acquisition and sale of land and development assets across Scotland.

I joined the Bridge team as a the lead developer for the duration of this project. The website is built in Wordpress, it is a bespoke wordpress theme and multiple bespoke plugins.

The project was different from many property websites as it’s based around primarily land & development, rather than more residential based sales & lettings property websites.

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The Problem

The nature of Scarlett Land & Development is they are selling land for development, so often there isn't pictures of the "final building" - this presented a key challenge to the website - How can we make the website visually look good without necessarily having good photography - We solved this by creating a proof of concept in which we'd draw the polygon on a Google map.

I built a bespoke Wordpress plugin for ACF that allows Scarlett's team to add a marker & draw a polygon of the development site.

Development page with Map

The admin to administer development sites is completely bespoke, sectioned off into tabs to make it easy. The team can "draw" multiple polygons on the map and set zoom position.

The User ADmin




Services Page

Development List & Filtering


I was heavily involved in the planning stage of the website, We together planned out the project by first getting a specification and sketch wireframes. We began sketching and considering the “components” of the website, once the team was happy, then progressed to interactive wireframes using Axure.

I had to build a working prototype, to make sure it was feasible we could build the polygon map admin and to show/pitch our idea to the client.