Speaker Buzz

Recently, I launched motivational speaker agency, Speaker Buzz website. Moving away from a weebly-made website to a fully bespoke WordPress website.

Bridge Interactive developed the strategy and website plan using a design sprint methodology.

Topic Search

Search engine optimised topic pages - allowing for users to easily find speakers that match their topic of interest.

Topic Page

Speaker Biography

Users can view the speaker's full biography, watch videos, read customer testimonials, subscribe or listen to their latest podcast or buy the speakers books.

Speaker Bio

Full screen video

Easy to update

Many experience of Wordpress is terrifying! Purchased themes often use "page builders" - which means content editors need to have an understanding of design.

Speaker Buzz has a bespoke Wordpress admin - that is more natural, they enter the content and all the "design" is taken care of.

Easy Admin

Flexible page editor

All the pages of Speaker Buzz are made up of simple "blocks" - block can be reused across the website - each block is easy to update and edit - without having to "design or build" anything - just enter the content.

Flexible Page builder