Website UX Audits

A deep analysis of your website or apps user experience, delivered in a super easy to understand and share.

Organisation often build great websites or mobile apps - but often even the very best and smartest companies have pain points or confusing functionality that confuse users.

You are just "too close" to the website/mobile app - you need fresh pair of eyes to help you see the UX flaws with your website or mobile app.

An audit will analyse and understand UX flaws and you'll get recommendations to fix.

What should you audit?

A UX audit can be tailored to your organisation - commonly we together highlight key user journeys or key parts of your website or app and focus on the "core experience" in the audit. Common flows that can be crucial for improving your user experience are user on-boarding (eg Registering or 'first-use') and ecommerce checkouts.

UX audit what does it include?

UX Audits will depend on the analysis required - the core section covers:

  • Screen by screen analysis

  • Highlight key UX issues

  • Prioritised recommendations

  • Quick-win tweaks

  • Fast; You get the audit within 2 weeks

  • A walk-through - although fairly jargon free - we can set up a video call to talk through the recommendations

In terms of the user experience, the audit will look at various factors

  • Usability

  • Information architecture

  • Conversion & user flows

  • Design

  • Content & tone

  • Competitors analytics

  • Current Data analysis