I am an expert in Wireframing; Axure, Figma, Invision or simple sketch wireframes on paper.

I recommend wireframes for the vast majority of the projects their benefits have been shown time & time again.

What is a Wireframe?

The purpose of a wireframe is to provide a visual understanding at an "early stage" to get consensus & approval before the design or development phase begins.

Its similar to an architects drawing when building a house. It would be crazy to just starting building a house before you understand all the basic & technical information you require.

Wireframes are commonly used to lay out content, structure and functionality on a page/screen which takes into account the user journeys and requirements.

The benefits of Wireframes?

The benefits are often misunderstood or dismissed, but the key advantages of wireframes are

  • Cost - proper planning is always cheaper in the long run - than having to do constant iterations because you didn't have the deep conversations at the beginning of the project

  • Speed - good wireframes, makes design & development much easier tasks as the tough decisions have been discussed and made before you go into time-consuming high fidelity work.

  • Consensus building - it helps all the stakeholders get on the same page around terminology or user flows.

  • Flaw finding - interactive wireframes can immediately highlight problems or issues in user journeys

  • User-testing - Interactive prototypes are an excellent way to conduct usability testing.

What should you wireframe

  • Websites of all sizes

  • Mobile apps

  • Forms - Forms are critical to almost all websites; but often not thought about carefully - especially multi-step forms. It can massively improve your conversion rates.

  • Internal Applications

I am available to hire to help your organisation or business wireframe your digital website, app or flow - you can email me at hello@fraserclark.com