Freelancer Software; Tools I use everyday

I highlight just some of the software I use every day as a freelance software developer.


I use FreeAgent to manage all my estimates, invoicing, expense and taxes – I really run my business on FreeAgent.

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PHP Storm

PHP Storm has been my IDE of choice for writing code for the last 5 years – Previously I swapped between Eclipse and Netbeans never quite satisfied until I found PHP Storm.

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Google G-Suite

I am a long time lover of G-Suite – I signed up to Google Apps many years ago even before I freelanced for my personal domain – since freelancing for last few years – my reliance and appreciation for G-Suite has only enhanced.

Siteground Hosting

I’ve used many hosting providers over the years – as a freelancer working with clients with terrible, but famous large, hosting companies is all too common – I now recommend Siteground to all my clients.


Honorable mentions include WordPressDrupal, Trello, Slack, BitBucket, Skype, Git, Chrome, 

About Fraser Clark

I've been a professional developer for over 10 years. I've been consulting and developing websites & software for small businesses, multi-nationals & governments.

I'm an expert in WordPress, Drupal, Laravel & a whole host of other platforms.

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