Labels for Navigation

Creating the write labels for your navigation is notorious difficult. Its tempting to use generic, unclear or unnecessary words.

  1. Focus on nouns for tasks over verbs, such as using "Jobs" instead of "Find a job".

  2. Refrain from using statements like "I want to…”.

  3. Shy away from using questions such as "Can I…”.

  4. Omit conjunctions in tasks. For instance, use “Installation, configuration” instead of “Installation and configuration”.

  5. Steer clear of first-word repetition in any list with no more than four repetitions.

  6. Eliminate overlaps aiming for unique tasks that are separate and distinct.

  7. Dont try to transplant your organisation structure, departments, and jargon

  8. Disregard specific audiences and demographics

  9. Refrain from using established web conventions such as search, navigation, pages.

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