Migrating from legacy CMS to Wordpress

As a technical consultant and developer, I have been working with Bridge Interactive to helped Green Angel Syndicate migrate four websites, which were built on a legacy bespoke content management system, to brand new WordPress websites.

Bridge Interactive has been the marketing and digital partner for Green Angel Syndicate for quite some time. While their existing digital presence allowed them to edit content, it lacked the flexibility to create new pages or add new sections/blocks to existing pages.

This limitation slowed down marketing efforts and hindered campaigns, making a transition to a more flexible platform necessary.

The goal of the migration project was threefold:

  1. Convert the existing frontend into WordPress

  2. Create reusable blocks in a page builder style to allow for fast, flexible creation of new and existing pages

  3. Optimize the existing website for search engines and social sharing

In addition to these goals, the migration to WordPress brought several other advantages:

  1. Enhanced Customization: WordPress offers an extensive array of plugins, enabling Green Angel Syndicate to customise their websites in the future - saving development time and money.

  2. Improved Security: WordPress in recent years has got a lot better at security - with automatic updates and security audits, which means WordPress is continuously updated by a dedicated community of developers and security researchers.

  3. Scalability: As Green Angel Syndicate grows and evolves, so will their online needs. WordPress is designed to be highly scalable, ensuring that their websites can accommodate future expansions and updates without any hassle.

  4. Better SEO and Social Media Integration: WordPress is well-known for its built-in SEO features, as well as its compatibility with various SEO plugins. Moreover, social sharing tools are readily available, allowing Green Angel Syndicate to boost their online visibility and reach a wider audience.

Overall, migrating from a legacy system to WordPress has been a great success for Green Angel Syndicate. It has provided them with a flexible, user-friendly, and powerful platform that can adapt to their growing needs, while improving their online presence and marketing efforts. They've already seen a bump in traffic from a better, more search-engine optimised website.

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