Organ Donation Scotland

Organ Donation Scotland is an initiative of the Scottish Government to inform the public of organ donation process, registration and encouraging people to discuss with family and friends their wishes.

I worked on the team of developers at The Weather Digital in partnership with Story UK. The website was built using Drupal content management system.

The Aims

  • To improve on the historic high volume of drop-outs when it comes to registering online

  • Develop a mobile friendly website enabling users to register on the move

  • Use the digital environment to encourage registered donors communicate their wishes to friends and family

  • Provide engaging content for users who are thinking about registering

What we did

Prominent Register Now
We created a homepage that showed a prominent registration and the wall of support to show ‘social proof’ and encourage visitors to get involved.

Fast Registration Via Facebook
We developed a registration form which would allow users to pre-fill using Facebook Login

Social Sharing
A focus of the campaign was to share the importance of sharing users wish to become an organ donor with friends an.d family as research showed it was the most effective way to improve authorisation rates.

Wall of Support
We created a “wall of support” for users to sign up after registering to become an organ donor, to encourage sharing with friends & family on social media.


Increase online registration– 2014/15, a massive jump in Scottish organ donation registration online  – up from a yearly average of 5% to 20% this year

Increase Donor Rates – Scotland’s organ donation authorisation rates are over 61%

45% of Scottish registrants were aged 16-30 years – the key digital audience.

45,146 – Engagement via Facebook reached 45,146 (Total post likes, comments, shares)

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