Are custom WordPress themes less flexible than page builders?


Many "developers" in the WordPress world prefer "Page builders" like Elementor, Oxygen, WP Bakery or Visual Composer. The advocates of page builders will tell you they are more flexible, cheaper and faster.

There is no denying an experienced Wordpress developer who uses these page builders can create full websites a bit faster - however if you need to be a developer or a designer or learn a super flexible but complicated tool to update your website is that flexibility?

My approach is to build custom Wordpress themes with a block-based approach, where i create re-usable blocks of layout which can be used across multiple pages on the website. Think of it like each section is a pre-built Lego piece you can stack on top of each other to build a page.

This allows marketing teams to create or update pages across the website easily - without having to think about design or how it works on mobile - they know the blocks work and have been tested by a professional.

These blocks can be extended upon as the marketing becomes more sophisticated.

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