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In my recent work with hive consultancy Bridge Interactive, I had the opportunity to be the lead developer for the creation of a brand new website for Omecu. Born from the innovative minds at the University of Edinburgh, Omecu is a start-up specializing in federated genomics analysis, providing secure access and control to its users.

When it comes to designing and building a website for a start-up, flexibility is key. Omecu needed a website would allow for seamless page creation while maintaining a clean and well-designed aesthetic. The goal was to provide Omecu with the ability to create and update pages without the need to constantly hire a developer or designer or spend countless hours using complex WordPress "page builders."

A Custom WordPress Theme with a Block-Based Approach

To achieve this flexibility, I opted for a completely custom WordPress theme utilizing a block-based approach. We were able to provide Omecu with a simple and intuitive way to create and manage their website's content. The block-based approach allows for easy customization and consistency across all pages, ensuring that the overall design remains cohesive and visually appealing.

Empowering Omecu

The custom-built WordPress theme not only provides Omecu with an attractive and professional online presence but also grants them the autonomy to manage their content with ease in the future - whether its building new pages or updating existing ones.

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