Laravel Mix with Drupal

Modern frontend development is a pain – Webpack,Gulp,Grunt, PostCSS, SASS,SCSS,LESS,Minification, Transpilers,Compilers, Babel,Auto-Prefixing – never ending “stuff” you don’t understand and have to learn

Laravel Mix is one of the easiest and quickest way to do the basics – compile SCSS/LESS & Javascript. Laravel Mix is an elegant wrapper around basic Webpack tasks. Laravel Mix was created for Laravel – but it can be used stand alone and on any application

Drupal 8 Theme

When building Drupal 8 websites, I often turn to Laravel Mix – here is how I set it up

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dressCode is now live

Women & girls are being left behind in tech. Only 15% of women work in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) jobs in the UK . Computer Science loses girls interests in their teenage years. dressCode is a charity that is looking to combat this problem by teaching teenage girls how to code.

This week, dressCode website went live. The website is built in WordPress with a bespoke wordpress theme and custom administrations to make it easy for dressCode to keep the website up to date.

Harvey MacNair’s Whisky Website launched

This week, we launched the website for Harvey MacNairs. MacNairs is a blended malt scotch whisky brand owned by GlenAllachie.

Previously, I worked with GlenAllachie Distillery on their main website. They brought back the same team to work on the MacNair’s website. I worked as the lead developer for Bridge, along with design agency Wolffe

To kick off the project we started with a one day design sprint. The website is built in WordPress and I developed a bespoke WordPress theme